The Hideous Spectacle of Virtue-Signaling Doctors

Doctors in Alabama, Florida and elsewhere are refusing to see unvaccinated COVID patients. They’re making sure to tell the media. It’s their right, they claim. Actually, I agree: it’s their right. Doctors have the same individual rights we all have. We all have a right to do business (or medical practice) with whomever we wish, and to decline doing business with whomever we wish. That used to be the meaning of a free country.

However, the people who support these doctors refusing to see unvaccinated patients would never support that right in any other context. They’re all proponents of big, expanding government where politicians call the shots in place of the doctors. They almost certainly will support socialized or state-run medicine, where all doctors work for one authority: the government. Virtue-signaling medical professionals who want to make sure everyone knows how “progressive” they are will be quick to announce to a fawning media how principled they are, by elevating the idea of “going along to get along” to a status of martyrdom. Earth to virtue-signalers: It’s EASY going along with what 99 percent of the media, culture and government tell you to think, often against evidence. Doctors are supposed to be smarter and more independent than that.

Even if you have been vaccinated and agree that the COVID treatment is a trustworthy vaccination, you should be afraid to go to any medical professional who agrees with these anti-vaccinated doctors. Because any doctor who’s more interested in virtue-signaling than the individual, medical interests of his or her patients is not someone who can help you with life-or-death issues.



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