The COVID Vaccine, Like Viruses: Here to Stay

The indefatigable Dr. Fauci now says at least three vaccinations will be needed, in order for the so-called COVID vaccine to be complete.

Seriously? We know there will be no end to these vaccines. Not until viruses are eradicated.

Imagine if your own personal doctor told you, “Take this vaccine. It will keep you from getting COVID.” Then you get COVID anyway. Then the same doctor says, “Wear masks. And take a third dose of the vaccine.” You’re warned that additional doses may be necessary. And then, “The problem is that everyone didn’t get the vaccine. It can’t work unless everyone gets it.” After all these measures, you’re no better off than before, medically. Mentally and economically, you’re far worse off. All because you followed this doctor’s advice, which changes by the hour and usually self-contradicts.

Would you trust this doctor? Would you have any respect for him? Would you fire him or keep him? The answer seems obvious. So then why in the hell do so many keep listening to Fauci?



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