The United States is an Occupied Country

For over six months now, all we’ve heard is: “If you don’t support Joe Biden’s regime, you are an insurrectionist. You are a domestic terrorist. If you are one of these things, you deserve arrest, prosecution, or worse.” Interestingly, the same far leftists who now say all this are the same people who did NOT want terrorists responsible for 9/11 arrested, detained or treated as anything other than “freedom fighters”. To these people, opposing Biden or any other Communist Democrat makes you a terrorist, while forcing people to live under a totalitarian religious dictatorship (as the Taliban and the resurgent ISIS do) makes you an ally. It’s no wonder Biden wants to negotiate and “do business” with the Taliban. Totalitarians, like criminals, understand each other.

One of my favorite Ayn Rand lines is “mistakes of that kind are not made innocently”. That applies to Afghanistan. The military knows better than to leave weapons behind, and to deliberately abandon civilian Americans and their allies while the military pulls out. These mistakes are too staggering and incomprehensible to be labeled “incompetence.” These are acts of deliberate negligence and unspeakable evil. Why these events happened, or who is responsible for them, you can guess for yourself. But there’s no question these mistakes are not innocent. The same goes for the policies of inflationary spending and debt expansion that will be enough, by themselves, to wreck our economy and our civilization if repeated lockdowns, medical procedure mandates and choking children with masks and totalitarian, racist ideology do not bring us down first.

It’s time to face the truth: America is an occupied country. If Russians or Chinese had invaded our country, they would be doing the same things as the Biden regime now does routinely. They would seek to weaken the American people by turning them against each other, and by instilling fear to coerce them into at least pretending allegiance toward the new rulers. Elections would, at best, be a sham; free speech would no longer be practiced and “private” companies like Twitter and Facebook would be enlisted to comply with the whims and preferences of the regime. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, it’s because you read it in this morning’s news.

It’s all happening now. It’s not a theory; and it’s not an imaginary conspiracy. It’s happening right before our eyes. It’s getting worse, every day. That’s why decent, freedom-loving people cannot stand looking at the news any longer. It’s more grotesque than the scene of a horrible car accident. Just yesterday, Kamala Harris, the second-in-command of the regime, all but stated openly that Americans should expect supply chain shortages before Christmas. These kinds of threats and words of intimidation are the very things done in all dictatorships. They view the means and the results of production as their own property, and theirs to control. If you don’t think we’re living in a dictatorship already, then these inept, toxic freaks have done their job well: They have fooled you into thinking you’re still free, when you’re self-evidently not.

The challenge in the United States — and by extension, most of the world — is no longer to preserve freedom. It’s to restore freedom.



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