Why Tyrants Are Always Losers, in the End

Here’s the problem with tyrants: They take away the self-interest of their victims.

The more their victims give in to their control, the less they have to lose.

The more successful the tyrants are at victimizing them, the less incentive their victims have to do anything.

Tyrants want something from their victims. They want good will, free labor, a sense of power, or SOMETHING. The more you beat down your slave, the less your slave will have to offer.

The smug tyrants taking over America now will be no different. They’re starting at a stronger point because their victims have more to offer. We have been a largely prosperous and free country for many, many generations. Taking over such people isn’t really a challenge, not once you get them afraid. But once the tyranny sets in, they will produce less and less. They will have less and less to offer.

If nothing else, it will be amusing to watch. The same tyrants who pay millions of people to stay home and get college for free are going to create wards of the state with no incentive, no sense of purpose, no innovation, no brainpower — nothing. They will create a mass of mushy snowflakes with dough for brains and cotton candy for character. That friend of yours whose 25-year-old or 35-year-old child still lives in his or her childhood bedroom? That will soon be the norm, in the society now being created by tyrants.

Smug and sure of themselves as today’s totalitarians seem to be, they will reach the end of their road with people who have nothing left to lose. Today’s American Communists and tyrants will reach the same dead end that all tyrants have reached. And there won’t be a free country somewhere else on the planet to bail them out. Not this time.



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