Notes from the Underground

It’s dangerous when the people in charge of the facts are liars.

Dictators are, by definition, liars. The CDC, the American President, the leadership in Congress, even the Supreme Court–they are all, on the whole, liars, slugs, open despots with absolutely nothing in view except their own sociopathic enrichment. We know that through repeated and overwhelming experiences in the last year and a half, particularly, although the decades leading up to today provided ample evidence too.

Man’s primary means of survival is his mind. To live, we all must think. Even if we opt to let others do our thinking for us, it’s of life-or-death importance to choose someone of integrity, rationality and intelligence to think for us.

The absurd, almost hilarious, self-refuting stupidity of the edicts, scolding and threats uttered hourly by the likes of Fauci, the CDC, the demented Biden, CNN hacks, Pelosi and others are the utter, polar opposite of integrity and intelligence.

We are all on our own. In a sense, we always are, and always were. But to be bombarded with, and increasingly ruled by, the misinformation and diabolical intentions of the most morally crude, undeserving of power charlatans imaginable–well, it’s quite a challenge.

But always remember: Your mind is your greatest tool. Your reason, your thinking and your intelligence (grounded in common sense) must be the thing that carries you.

As for facts, you can still go “underground” and obtain the reliable truth when necessary. In an electronic and information age, dictators have their work cut out for them. Our lack of compliance, and our exposure to objective truth, are what they fear most. Make their lives as miserable as possible.



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