My Body, No Choice: Forced Vaccinations Are Here

Mandatory vaccination is here for government workers. Emperor Biden just decreed all government employees will be forcibly vaccinated with the experimental COVID-19 antivirus drug. You can be sure that private sector workers, including small businesses (what’s left of them), will be next.

As atrocious as it sounds to those who still love liberty, it’s entirely consistent with the premises of the entire response to COVID-19. From Day One, that response has not only been about control. It has also been about what’s best for the narcissists who rule us. They take it upon themselves to claim 100 percent responsibility for total eradication of a virus with a 99 percent survival rate. The rights of individuals were sacrificed for the sake of this narcissistic quest when the entire society and economy were locked down, and when everyone was forced to wear masks.

On that premise, it was impossible that the relaxing of the restrictions last spring could ever have lasted. Because the moment the numbers start to go up (whether those numbers are entirely accurate, or not) is the moment that all the justification for controls gets intensified.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

You have to give them credit. It’s an astonishingly competent, and internally consistent, set of actions based upon one faulty premise. If I, the ruler/Governor/President/”nation’s chief doctor” decide that it’s MY responsibility to eradicate (not just control, but eradicate) a virus, then I get to justify whatever I wish to justify in that quest.

Many of us knew, for decades now, that America’s freedoms were perilously fragile. The moment we transformed into a dictatorship was the moment it became clear that evidently, most people are more than willing to comply. As we enter Phase II of this war against the people, we’ll discover how deep and how wide that compliance runs. Given the level of obedience and compliance in the last go-around, the people in power have every reason to be confident.

Soon we will know who America’s Stalins, Castros and Maos really are.



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