“Pride Month” and the Experience of Living in Kindergarten Hell

“Celebrate Pride with us as we work together for change. Discover LGBTQI+ at Microsoft.” My Microsoft Windows program keeps spouting this propaganda. What does this have to do with operating a computer? America already protects equal rights for gay and lesbian people. We have gay marriage. I actually supported those things — as a supporter of rights of the individual, not because some woke corporate fascist told me to do so. Exactly what “change” is needed now? I don’t understand. Be more specific, Microsoft. What kind of “change” do you have in mind?

What does being gay/lesbian or anything else have to do with the totalitarianism you’re seeking to impose on us all (gay AND straight) through wiping out property rights, wiping out the First and Second Amendments, eradicating election integrity by rigging election outcomes, enslaving people with experimental vaccine and mask mandates, and wiping out economic freedom so bureaucrats and politicians may determine who gets wealthy and who does not? Why the hell do I have to support THAT kind of change just because I own a Microsoft Windows program? And why the hell are the policies of Stalin, Mao and Hitler to be bundled in with the choice to have sex, or romantic relations, with any consenting adult you choose?

It’s like living in the adult version of kindergarten … a very sinister kindergarten, for sure.

Microsoft (and Google, Facebook, Twitter, all of you): Stick with what you know. And stay the hell away from my rights!



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