Happiness and Serenity Don’t Flourish Under Dictatorship

You cannot be psychologically healthy in an unfree society–especially in a dictatorship, which we are becoming. Mental health requires stability, reason, integrity. You need a government that will protect your physical self and property, as an absolute. Our present government does so selectively, as we’re seeing in cities where racist terrorists run free and others are fined or jailed for going to church or operating a business. Trump supporters who are nonviolent are arrested and prosecuted with “January 6” as the excuse, while violent thugs are lifted to the status of heroes.

This is not an atmosphere for serenity and rationality, two key components of mental health. The cultural and political elites are dividing us, pitting us against each other. I normally might like you, but I see you wearing a face diaper and know you’re an idiot. You might like me and benefit from knowing me; but your race and my race are different, and the elites have pounded into our psyches that we may only relate to each other as victim and victimizer–by virtue of race alone. The list goes on. It’s increasingly impossible to expect a mentally sane society, or even to aim for one, when so much in our government and cultural influences are rotten to the core.



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