The Sick Joke of “Reopening” After the Scamdemic

Oh, how nice. Close small businesses for a year. Then reopen them, but empower the government to pay all the former employees 3x what the small businesses are able to pay. Destroy market pricing, the foundation of any free market economy. Destroy the moral character of millions by paying them to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and telling them that it makes them superior, and they are entitled to at least this much because people are “mean”, and mean people suck. Then, in the midst of it all, pass minimum wage laws and wonder why more businesses shut down and the cost of goods and services skyrocket. These are not innocent mistakes. These are not errors. They are the deliberate destruction of a society and the world’s greatest economy by what we call a government…and what is really nothing more than a glorified bunch of punks, idiots, demented despots, cackling imbeciles, self-righteous narcissists and irredeemably nihilistic twits.



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