Starting to Feel a Lot Like 1979 …

Back in 1980, Ronald Reagan came to the rescue and kept America from going down the drain. In 2020, the reverse happened: Joe Biden seized the presidency, became America’s first emperor and took a rising and booming economy inherited from Donald Trump and brought us, full circle, back to the dreary days of 1979–gas lines, inflation, stagflation, malaise.

Breitbart: “Super-charged inflationary pressures continued to gain steam in June, the Philadelphia Fed’s manufacturing survey showed Thursday.

Eighty-two percent of manufacturing companies in the Philly Fed’s survey reported paying higher prices for the inputs of their products, while just one percent said costs of input had fallen. As a result, the diffusion index moved up four points to 80.7, the highest reading since June 1979.”

Now we get to see what would have happened if Reagan had never won and Jimmy Carter had been given a second term. Enjoy!



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