Worse than the Scum of the Earth

Your “elected officials” are hostage-takers. In principle and in practice, they hold ownership over everything you do. Everything that you’re PERMITTED to do is because they allow it. Mask mandates, social distancing, and selective business shutdowns are lifted because they say so; and only if/when they say so. Those mandates can be restored at any time (and I predict they will be, at some point.) They can stop allowing what you’re permitted to do at any time. They don’t protect your rights. They trade them off — they barter your rights to the highest bidder, and sometimes sell them back to you through bribes. They’ll even pass laws (think: McCain-Feingold) forbidding such activity, while tripling down on it themselves, and never facing accountability (think: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, virtually everyone in D.C.).

It’s beyond unjust. An actual hostage-taker, however low he might be, couldn’t approach the obscenely low level, morally speaking, of the political hostage-taker. The real criminal enjoys no pretense, and has to pay the price for his behavior by living on the run, or getting what’s coming to him (at least potentially). The real criminal can be evil or scum; but still can’t sink as low as the political criminal.

The hostage-takers in our state capitals and the central Imperial City of D.C. face no such accountability whatsoever. They rule your life, and they get to pretend they’re upholding your freedom. They are below the scum of the earth, yet they claim moral superiority over everyone. Millions of incredibly ignorant fools — many of them corrupt individuals themselves — actually applaud the hostage-takers. They make millions and even billions, often achieving unlimited power (e.g., the Biden crime family) for having patiently played the game of bartering the rights of others for decades.

If you’re not angry, something is deeply wrong in your thinking. Or with your self-respect. Or with your moral courage or integrity. Look into yourself, before it’s too late for everyone. You’re being worse than played; and — in a sickening spectacle — your life is auctioned off in the name of liberty.


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