The Bidenistas Are Coming for You

The Joe Biden regime stresses the theme of “fighting domestic terrorism” almost daily. They keep citing “January 6” as a mantra. Mark Levin and Breitbart have been covering this a lot on their syndicated radio shows. Bidenistas are redefining the “war on terror” to be waged against so-called domestic terrorists, who are attacking the homeland by daring to question or criticize their policies. You would think that would include people who blow up police stations and start racial riots in major cities, destroying the property of people with no concern for legal or moral outcome.

Instead, citizens are encouraged to keep an eye on their neighbors and fellow citizens to ensure they’re not “at risk” of committing acts of domestic terror; or perhaps for determining if they “need help.” Good grief. Can you imagine the kind of government-sponsored “help” for a person deemed a domestic terrorist by a government run by Communists, far leftists, socialists and fascists? Do you think it would really involve some kind of positive emotional therapeutic change? BLM and Antifa terrorists have been given legal immunity by the police in their cities, and walk free. Yet “domestic terrorists” who object to it all are somehow a threat. A threat to WHOM, Bidenistas?

Is this the first time in American history that the American government has encouraged its own citizens to turn against one another, and to turn each other in? Everyone who voted for Trump — tens of millions, perhaps even a majority, some say — are potential targets for being labeled domestic terrorists.

Last year, it was masks. This year, it’s the COVID experimental vaccine. At least those things are definable. Now all that’s required is your PERCEPTION or FEELING that someone might be a domestic terrorist … and that’s enough to “turn them in”. Whatever that means. Is this America?



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