Lockdowns and Tyranny are NOT Over

New York and California are lifting some virus restrictions — after 15 months of “15 days to flatten the curve.”

So what?

The precedent has now been established — no, entrenched: We operate only with the consent of the government; the government does not operate with the consent of the people. It’s a 180 degree inversion of our Bill of Rights. Rights are to be given or taken away based on something they call “science” … even if the facts and the simplest logic proves them wrong.

Regions who lifted their restrictions months and months ago have fared no worse than the areas only lifting them now. Is the government at least accountable for its error? If the government may now do ANYTHING IT FEELS LIKE so long as they call it “science”, shouldn’t the science at least be supported by the facts? No answer. None is given, because almost nobody will challenge them.

If you think this is all over, then you have no clue how sociopaths and psychopaths operate; and you haven’t been watching the behavior of politicians and bureaucrats over your entire lifetime. [photo: Sarah Blesener, New York Times]



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