What Happens if the Election Audits Go Trump’s Way?

It won’t matter.

All of the available evidence tells us that only two justices on the Supreme Court are brave enough even to consider data about the election. Most members of Congress (both parties) are of zero character. The corporate world ranges from weak to wicked. Small businesses are being crushed. I know evil cannot ultimately triumph. But I also know that nobody good has any power. We can’t pretend the existing people in power will do anything good — ever. That’s denial.

Please don’t call this “giving up”. It’s rational to accept the evidence that we are under the control of a fascist gang, the most well-funded and in control of any tyranny in human history. Will they eventually fall? Without question. Like all tyrants, by definition, they are parasites. Their supporters are parasites, ignorant fools, or both. However, so long as the good people remain as compliant as most of us still are, the bad guys will keep winning.



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