Thatcher’s Heir?

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told fellow world leaders that they should be “building back better” in a “more gender-neutral, perhaps more feminine way” at a G7 roundtable.

Fresh from comparing himself and 78-year-old U.S. President Joe Biden to Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt planning the reconstruction of a post-war world in 1941, Prime Minister Johnson reiterated his commitment to the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda at what the BBC described as a “fireside chat” of world leaders in Cornwall in his wokest speech to date. [from Breitbart]

Keep in mind that this is the successor to Margaret Thatcher. He is the CONSERVATIVE leader. He is the only firewall against the outright left-wing totalitarianism and mind-blowing irrationality enveloping the other side. Britain and the U.S. will, on this course, go down the drain. Hitler couldn’t do it in 1944. But in 2021, we watch as the best of the Western world commits suicide.



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