“Infrastructure” Courtesy of the Imperial City

The crooks in the Imperial City are calling it an “infrastructure bill.” The spending has almost nothing to do with infrastructure. Check out your potholes, deteriorating airports and subways in another year, or two or three. And probably collapsing roads and bridges, at some point. There will be no infrastructure repair; that’s for sure! You can’t hand over control of major enterprises to a corrupt gang of criminals and expect them to deliver on what they promise. If you’re still expecting that, you’re living in your head.

It seems like a good time not just to talk secession and nullification; but also privatization. Why not let private enterprises handle the roads, the airports and the bridges, and run them — as a private property, for a profit, with full liability. Why in the world do you expect GOVERNMENT to do a better job with infrastructure than it does with anything else … especially when the government is in the hands of the most corrupt, sociopathic people our nation has ever seen? Sell the roads, subways and airports off to private owners. I know most people’s answer: “Are you out of your mind? THE PRIVATE SECTOR handling roads and bridges? Never!” OK. Get back to me when the potholes outstrip the pavement, and bridges start to collapse and the airports start to look like we’re a third-world country. You might be more open to an alternative idea by then.



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