Inferior Race Theories Are NOT New … and Never End Well

Imagine a family with an abusive parent. Imagine the parent telling his or her kids, “You look just like your Uncle Joe. You have blonde hair, just like Uncle Joe did. I hate Uncle Joe, and you’re going to pay for the way you look.” You’d call it a pitiful example of brutality, abuse and madness. You’d quickly recognize it’s just an excuse for exercising sociopathic control. But today’s academic and media/political “leaders” do exactly that. If you have kids, they are being explicitly taught this in college, high school and probably elementary school.

If you’re of a disfavored race, gender or sexuality, you’re told, in effect, that you lack moral virtue. The only way to atone is to obey, submit and grovel to your rulers. If you’re of a favored race, gender or sexuality, then you possess moral virtue — precisely because of your DNA or other non-chosen attribute. The supposedly wisest and most credentialed people tell us that we are solely the product of things we cannot control — our genes. This is fascist. This is Nazism, 21st Century style. And, like the old Nazism, most people don’t even see it for what it is. Nobody knows what it will take before enough people understand that we are DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING THAT WAS DONE BEFORE. How can the ending be any different, or any better?



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