Will Joe Biden Be America’s Hugo Chavez?

The Communists came to power in Venezuela when the party seeking power — under Hugo Chavez — wrote all the election rules and everyone had to play by them. Not surprisingly, Chavez became the dictator; when he eventually died, his party remained in power. That same Communist party starves and tyrannizes its citizens to this day.

Hyperinflation played a role in the ability of the Communists to seize power in Venezuela. Similarly, back in the 1930s, hyperinflation played a role in the ability of Hitler to seize power in Germany. Tyrants feed on fear, and deliberately worsen conditions so that people will remain afraid. Fear gives them more power and control. Does any of this sound familiar?

People in Venezuela (and many who fled) look back on Hugo Chavez like people look back on Hitler. Could the same be said one day of Joe Biden? “How could they be so stupid to elect this fool? He ruined America.” Of course, the government rewrote the election rules here, too. They did so unofficially in 2020, and in 2021 and 2022 they will make it official, by passing laws that permanently rig future elections in one party’s favor. And most of us decided to roll over and accept it. Trump in 2024? It’s a joke. Nobody is going to get power from these statists. Most don’t (yet) realize what we’re up against. It’s really no different than if the Nazis had won in 1945, and America is now a totalitarian dictatorship.

Inflation, by the way, is not caused by mean people raising their prices. Read an economics book. It’s caused by the government’s expansion of the money supply (since the government controls the currency, not the market, ever since we went off a gold standard.) When the Federal Reserve artificially increases the supply of the dollar (usually so it can spend), it makes the value of your dollars lower than it would otherwise be; this triggers a rise in prices. It happened in the 1970s and it’s happening again. Since 2020, the government of the U.S. has been massively expanding the money supply (because of unprecedented spending) and as a result we’re getting higher prices with everything. Millions will suffer and dislike it, but in their fear they’ll give a green light to tyrants that could make 2020 and early 2021’s “scamdemic” look like child’s play.

If you think the United States is too prosperous, too special or too infallible to fall prey to similar disasters, you could be in for a rude awakening. It’s your country. If you lose it all by tolerating or actually voting for these dictators, then it’s YOUR fault. I’m going to say so … while I still can.




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