Leftists Got a Dictatorship — Without Firing a Shot

Under traditional Communist or fascist regimes, the government establishes open control over the arts and entertainment. It makes clear what may or may not be dramatized, laughed at or otherwise portrayed in movies, television or on the Internet. Fiction and entertainment serve the government, and the sociopolitical narrative of the government — NOT the viewer.

In early twenty-first America, the government never needed to take such a step. The arts and entertainment world imposed the dictatorship ITSELF. The comedians, actors and the people who bankroll them literally BEGGED to be ruled … and then proceeded with the ruling. Essentially, shows like The View, Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show and all the rest unreservedly and unflinchingly speak the narrative of the “woke”, the “establishment”, or the dictatorship with more loyalty and consistency than any actual dictatorship could ever hope to attain by open force.

The fear and retribution for dissension doesn’t come from some federal office (at least not yet). It doesn’t need to. The fear and retribution of our present American dictatorship — we currently call it “cancellation” — comes from the corporate board rooms of Hollywood, or Coca Cola, or Nike, or Delta Air Lines, or Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube. The left got the dictatorship it wanted in America, without ever firing a shot.



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