Forgiveness Without a Soul

Awww…the two sinister, soulless sellouts kissed and made up. Wow. If there’s anyone they despise more than each other, it must be themselves. Because your self-respect (if you ever had any) cannot survive a life of practiced deception, blood-curdling hypocrisy and an unspeakable series of betrayals after betrayals, both to self and others. You cannot live your life this way and enjoy any sense of inner serenity, no matter how much dishonestly acquired power or money you attain. Nobody rational would ever want to be one of these awful sociopaths. It’s beyond appalling that we must live under their rule — or reorganize our lives to get around it.

“President Kamala Harris.” It’s not a question of IF — but WHEN. If the reality, once it happens, isn’t enough to inspire civil disobedience, nullification, secession and resistance, then I don’t believe anything ever will.

[Photo credit: New York Post]



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