Patriots to Biden: “Over My Dead Body”

When you engage in stupid, destructive socialist and fascist policies, and in the process make life miserable for the working and middle classes by inflating the currency, driving up the cost of fuel/groceries and diminishing the quality of life known by the previous generation, then you create the basis for a pro-free market, pro-individual rights, pro-Bill of Rights movement. The true populists now have every reason to oppose the elites–for precisely the OPPOSITE reasons envisioned by Marx. Today’s Marxists are the 1 percent who care nothing about the poverty and despair they impose on the masses–just so they can control those masses. The only hope for these hapless, twisted and utterly destructive people in power is that they can disarm us, shut down all dissension and rig future elections like they did in 2020. The attitude of every American who genuinely values his freedom should be: “Over my dead body.”


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