The Age of the Billionaire Communist

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a 417-foot superyacht that’s so massive it has its own “support yacht” with a helipad, according to Bloomberg. The estimated cost, not including the boat’s support boat, is $500 million.

I have NO issue with successful people having lots of money and buying nice things. But Jeff Bezos is a socialist–a Communist, actually, given that his political party, the Democratic Party, now endorses censorship, wealth redistribution, gun confiscation, election fraud and other open forms of tyranny.

According to Marxism and Communism, holding wealth is evil. You’re supposed to treat your wealth as community property, say the woke in academia, corporate America and media. That’s the attitude being imposed on those of us with middle class or lower incomes. Why do WE have to submit to the ideology of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, while Bezos and other Communists like him still get to live in splendor?

Envy is an irrational psychopathology that gives rise to insane, unjust and impractical creeds like Marxism. But when you’re a corporate Communist and you foster envy to shut down capitalism, a system of profit-making that you, yourself, benefit from daily…Well, that’s monstrous and evil.




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