Losing Your Mind Means Abandoning Reason

People usually define “crazy” as “losing your mind”. What does it mean to lose your mind? It means to lose your REASON. It means to start substituting your common sense observations, along with your higher level, objective, independent thinking with: (1) blatant delusions; (2) the opinions of others, even if those opinions make no sense; or (3) arbitrary, random feelings or imagination unhinged from reality.

Staying sane means holding to your independent and objective knowledge even when those around you defy all reason or recognition of even obvious facts. ESPECIALLY when those around you defy all reason or recognition of obvious facts. It’s called integrity: to your mind, and to reality itself. Having integrity to what you KNOW is true is for your own sake, most of all. The world will benefit, too; because when this is all over, the world is going to need at least a few good, rational people able and willing to pick up the pieces.

A reader posted on Facebook: “Have people lost all logic and reason? This war on critical thought has too many victims. When I hear people parrot the news…. covid conscious, believe the science, safe and effective, white privilege, etc., I cringe. This is indoctrination.”

My reply: No, most still have sanity. If they didn’t, civilization as we know it would be in total collapse. But they make the tragic error of believing their media. The media consists of mostly intellectual lightweights who are polished performers, and who stare into the camera earnestly and seem believable to the majority when they spout their collectivist drivel . THIS is a big part of what’s destroying us.



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