Jimmy Kimmel, M.D.

Jimmy Kimmel is an intolerable twit, a comedian who isn’t funny using his late-night comedy perch to promote ideological ideas that aren’t true. On Tuesday his show ran a video with people claiming to be doctors telling viewers reluctant to take the experimental vaccine for COVID “to grow the f**k up” and take the jab. They also shamed dissenters who question the value or safety of the experimental vaccine to “shut the f**k up”. Wow–how professional and intellectual!

Would you go to a doctor who talked to you in such an offensive and insulting way? Would you question the confidence or competence of a doctor who doesn’t believe in his recommendation, and therefore needs to lower himself to harassment and intimidation? PEOPLE WITH VALID ARGUMENTS RESORT TO PERSUASION, NOT INTIMIDATION. Back in the 80s and 90s, I didn’t turn on late-night comedians Johnny Carson or Jay Leno (who WERE funny) for medical advice. So why in the hell would I listen to the insufferable Jimmy Kimmel?



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