Why Control-Freak-Karen-Bullies Want Everyone Vaccinated

The kind of person who says, “I want my life back to normal” and then turns around and demands that everyone in his/her family or surroundings be vaccinated is TOXIC. It’s about control, NOT fear of illness. Fearful people can STAY HOME. It has been like this from Day One of this never-ending scamdemic. Whether the issue is large groups, masks or so-called vaccines, the theme is always the same: “I am scared of getting the flu; therefore YOU will do what I say.” Oh, and if you don’t meet MY demands that everything be rearranged in a way that makes ME comfortable…well then, you’re selfish. Now think about that for a moment.

Yes, it’s playing out politically. But it’s also playing out within families. Every day I hear stories like grandparents being forbidden to see their grandchildren, until they can prove they have had the vaccine. It’s narcissism, sociopathy and control. We have become a sick, depraved and simply awful society. Millions of us are decent, rational and benevolent–but we are TOO DAMN MEEK. Stop that. It’s important to stand up to these control freak-Karen-bullies, even if they’re in your own family. I know people doing so. You’ll be surprised how quickly many of them melt or back down. And if they don’t–do you really need such irrationally controlling people in your life?



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