The Psychopathology of Supporting Endless Mask Mandates

The Prime Minister of Britain will reportedly be ending lockdowns soon, but NOT mask-wearing. When will mask-wearing end? Possibly not ever. [See Breitbart News for the latest.] I expect the same for California, New York and all who live under the yoke of blue states. I predict mask-wearing will survive into 2022 and beyond, at least in “woke” territory.

Politicians are clearly power-hungry. But what about the millions who applaud and support them? This pandemic period has shown just how widespread mental and psychological disorder are in the population of Western, previously free countries. It’s truly stunning.

The neurotic need to conform, to be seen as going with the pack and never, ever “rocking the boat” comes from a significant absence of self-esteem. The confident and spirited people who founded the New World and the United States — who took on the wilderness and declared a bill of individual rights with no approval from the establishment– would NEVER have succumbed to group madness on this scale.

The need to perform irrational, unnecessary and self-contradictory obsessive-compulsive rituals (such as mask-wearing indefinitely into the future) comes from delusional thinking, crippling anxiety disorders and a false belief that simply wishing can make it so. THESE ARE NOT ATTRIBUTES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH. And when the majority of a society’s population suffers from such a poor level of mental health, it doesn’t bode well for the long-term survival of that society.

If we don’t become more rational and mentally balanced than most of us appear to be right now, we won’t value our freedom. Cheer up, people. Turn off the media and the people growing rich by bringing you down. Rich, Communist elites are not your friends. We must return to (or perhaps discover) self-reliance and the beautiful serenity of independent, critical thought.



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