Logically, Blue States/Cities Can NEVER Lift COVID Mandates

There’s no way blue state and blue city governments can reverse mask mandates and other restrictions without admitting they were wrong, and that they lied, going back 14 months now. Cold and flu viruses will be with us forever — or until an outright cure is found. That wasn’t close to happening as of early 2020, and it still isn’t now. COVID death rates have simply replaced death rates for the flu. The vast majority of people who get COVID recover, just as the vast majority who got other viruses (H1N1, SARS, many other viruses too numerous to name) recovered. It’s nothing new. What changed in 2020 is that most of the world was shut down, and people were forced to wear masks; we had similar non- life-threatening viruses before, but never responded in this way.

The lie was pretending that COVID was something radically and fundamentally different, when it’s easy to see now that it wasn’t. So the blue states and cities are backed into a corner. In order to lift mask and other restrictions, they will have to concede that we CAN live with viruses and flus, just as we always did, without such restrictions. Or, if they don’t wish to make this concession, they will have to impose some form of mask mandates and closure “advisories”… well, forever. OR until medical science finds a way to eradicate ALL colds, flus and viruses completely. Whichever comes first.



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