Communism Thrives on Mental Sickness

Here’s the big problem with leftism: It requires a victim. And it requires a victimizer. It appeals to the worst and weakest within human nature. It tells people something millions have always wanted to hear: “Life is miserable. But it’s not your fault. It’s someone else’s fault. And WE will fix it for you.”

Leftism NEEDS racism. If racism goes away, then it must be resurrected. If the economy booms while a hated conservative is President, then it must be destroyed. And even then, the economy must be kept weak so that leftists can claim to be the heroes by giving everyone a pittance to live on, plus free college.

The deeper issue: There will always be people, not just in government but everywhere, who NEED you to be sick, downtrodden or in need so that THEY can claim to rescue you and become powerful. One of the ugliest and most brutal forms this takes is under the form of government. Over the last century, we’ve called it Communism. But it doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s psychopathological, and it takes two sick parties to buy into it. One sick party is the power hungry monster who NEEDS you to NEED him. The other sick party is the sad, neurotic and weak-spirited soul who needs to feel like a victim … “Because if I’m a victim, then nothing is my fault, I can blame someone else, and someone else will take care of me.”

Without such psychopathology, socialism and Communism would have no place to flourish.



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