The Wild Lunacy & Contradictions of American Leftism

So many contradictions in today’s world.

For example, to be “systemically racist” means you are unconsciously racist. In fact, you are racist merely by virtue of being white. You’re born a racist, we are told, if you are white. This implies NON-responsibility on your part. Yet, in contradiction, we are told that if you are white and male, or in some other group deemed offensive, then you are irredeemably bad and must atone for the rest of your life. This implies responsibility. Atonement and punishment apply to people who have made wrong choices. Which is it? Is racism a choice, or an inescapable part of your DNA?

Ignorance is considered no excuse. Silence is considered just as offensive as saying non-woke things. Yet we’re preached at — often by multi-color signs in the front yards of people who wish to virtue-signal — that love, empathy, rationality, truth and justice are their only goals. So in practice, if you’re a dissenter — or even too quiet — you’re treated with ruthless condemnation and possibly, at some point, fines, imprisonment or worse. In theory, it’s all done in the name of peace, love, brotherhood, tolerance and what they used to claim was “liberalism”.

So many contradictions. That’s how you know every bit of it is FALSE.



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