What’s Wrong With Self-Preservation?

When did self-care and self-preservation become such sins? We’re commanded to take the COVID vaccine as an act for the sake of others. But a medical vaccine is for your OWN safety and preservation. Ditto for masks. I am not saying an untested vaccine or a cloth face diaper ARE effective or rational. But the only plausible motivation for doing either is your own safety.

It’s not merely disingenuous, but incoherently absurd, to brag, “I am getting my vaccination because I care about the world.” BULLSH*T. You want to be SEEN as caring about the world, while acting for your own safety. And there would be nothing wrong with that, if you stopped the deception. Self-preservation is an honorable, realistic and self-responsible virtue. If more people practiced it, the world wouldn’t be in the ridiculous mess it’s in.


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