The Madness of Crowds

Everything today is political. That’s one of the ugliest and hardest things about today. Culturally, we’re already a Communist society; because that’s what it’s like in a Communist society. The God is government and the religion is the state. Try escaping politics today. Try not wearing a mask in most parts of the country. Try not being “woke”. Try even being quiet, or non-political. People are scared to death to even hit “like” on a non-woke post. Why is nobody scared of conservatives, Republicans, Trump-lovers or libertarians? And yet everyone is scared to death of leftists. Because, as I said, it’s like we’re already a Communist society.

People who want to make everything political are after power. In some cases, it’s literal, physical power. More often, it’s psychological. The woke twenty-five-year-old still living in his childhood bedroom at his parents’ house will not attain power, neither in business nor government. His power is limited to the Internet, perhaps social media. But power is the motive. When you turn things that aren’t political, or need not be political, into political issues, your obvious goal is to intimidate people. When you intimidate or cause people to be in annoying if not life-threatening dilemmas, you attain a sense of power you would not otherwise achieve through productive means — and believe you are incapable of achieving. In this sense, the power mongers destroying our culture and freedom are life’s biggest losers. Whatever talent and capabilities they may possess, they squander those virtues and potentialities on politics. Because politics is where the power is. They don’t believe they are capable of being architects, engineers, artists, medical professionals, small business people or anything else productive. So they impose their irrationality and neuroses on the rest of us — finding most of us, at least up to now, more than willing to grudgingly comply.

I recently read an excellent book. It’s called “The Madness of Crowds” by Douglas Murray. Published in 2019, it’s perfectly timed for the unraveling of the Western World we are witnessing in 2020 and 2021. The author doesn’t explicitly name the precise cause of today’s demise: the death of reason. But throughout the book he asks reasonable questions and exposes error after error, and absurd contradiction after absurd contradiction, regarding the insanity of our times, both on and off social media. Unlike a lot of thinkers, he correctly points out that reason is not the goal of today’s “woke” tyrants. It never was. Marxists celebrate the inherent contradiction of the “dialactic”, going back to the time of Marx. They love contradictions in the same way they love destruction. They’re not trying to create a beautiful or utopian society. They sneer at Martin Luther King’s vision of “color blindness.” Racism finally died out in America. THIS is what drove them mad. They have to bring divisiveness and hatred back. It’s how they make a living and, far worse: it’s how they thrive.



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