In Minnesota, the Police May No Longer Shoot: So What About Criminals?

Violence is again breaking out in Minnesota. The police had to shoot somebody. The Governor of Minnesota, putting politics above truth, rushes to judgment that the shooting was racially biased, another example of bad police mindlessly shooting another innocent black man. What are the facts? Irrelevant.

The emerging truth was evident last year. I commented on it, and it’s playing out as I expected. The truth: The police can no longer kill people. ESPECIALLY if the person being killed happens to be black.

You might say, “That’s well and good. It’s better that the police never kill anyone ever.” If you say that, you’re a fool. Why do we need police in the first place? Why do we arm them? Violent criminals exist. They always have, and they always will. While it’s rational to expect the police to follow, and be held accountable to, a certain protocol, and to respect the rights of potentially innocent citizens, it’s monstrously irrational never to expect anyone to ever get hurt. It’s also irrational to automatically and always assume that the police are in the wrong and the person being shot is always innocent — without first knowing even a single fact.

The people screaming about the racial makeup of everyone involved do not seem to care about the facts. They only appear to care about the racial makeup. This is insane.

Imagine a Jim Crow South where media, mayors, governors and chiefs of police all said, “So long as only blacks are killed, we don’t really care about the outcome.” That’s what today’s media, mayors, governors and chiefs of police are saying. Exactly the same thing. “All we know is a black man was killed. That’s all we need to know.”

Interestingly, Minneapolis has tried to get rid of police a couple of times, at last count. It doesn’t seem to be sticking. The officials, who care only for themselves, don’t want to get shot and killed. So I guess we’ll still need police — for them.

Why do rational, tax-paying residents of Minneapolis and Minnesota put up with this? I guess the same reason they put up with endless mask mandates, endless lockdowns, permanent school closures and forced vaccinations. They don’t wish to be seen as making independent judgements that could rock the boat.

The facts will never go away: There will always be criminal offenders. There will always be bad guys who wish to violently harm or kill innocent people. Good and bad guys come in all shapes, sizes and colors. As a society, we have to agree on ways to stop them. If there are going to be riots every time a police officer fires his gun, then we might as well shut down the police. But that has already been tried. It’s an endless, mindless circle of madness.



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