Why Rational People Never Have Boycotts

Why are leftists so good at boycotting people they dislike, at the drop of a hat? While reasonable people never boycott anything?

Because leftists are losers. They have nothing going for them — except politics. Imagine what it must be like, to be a leftist. Where politics is the only thing governing your life.

Will baseball get boycotted for all its woke leftism? No, of course not. Sports fans are generally not losers. They’re generally not leftists. But there will be a boycott — indirectly, gradually. Already the numbers tell us that millions are losing interest in sports. As woke politics continues in the corporate world of sports, and as stupid little Marxist lectures are delivered throughout the games and by the moronic players who subscribe to leftism, the Great Turnoff will grow and grow and grow … until at some point, probably not that far in the future, sports will no longer be profitable.

With things like Coca Cola it will be harder. Loser leftists would have had no problem boycotting Coke if the company had, say, supported Donald Trump or endorsed a tax cut. But rational people who enjoy Coke have other things on their minds — like raising their families, running their small businesses, keeping the bills paid (something loser leftists don’t have to worry about). You can drink a Coke without necessarily thinking about politics. With sports, it’s different. You can’t turn on a game anymore without being reminded of politics. So it’s going to be harder to engineer a boycott against products like Coke, just like it’s been hard to engineer a boycott against a product like Nike. You can wear shoes and clothes without thinking about politics.

With evil forces in the universe, it’s usually the thing that gives them their advantage that generally does them in, in the end. Loser leftists have nothing to live for but their stupid, irrational and grotesque viewpoints. That has given them the edge against reasonable and normal people who have lives. But the leftist losers are still miscreants. They still have NOTHING whatsoever to offer others, the universe, nor ultimately themselves. It WILL come back to bite them. Because even if they manage to destroy everything valuable, they will still be left with their losing, miserable selves. And loser leftists will not — cannot — sustain themselves on themselves. I guarantee that.



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