Major League Baseball and the Perils of Economic Fascism

Major League Baseball is a business. In a free market, businesses are afraid of their customers. In a fascist, state-run economy, businesses are afraid of the government.

Which government? Clearly, MLB is not afraid of Georgia’s Governor and his newfound allegiance to election integrity. The MLB is hopping in place to the city government of Atlanta, the U.S. federal government and the Chinese Communist Party (the last two being perhaps one and the same.)

Somewhere along the line, baseball fans lost control of their game. They lost their power as customers. Because it’s highly probable that a majority of baseball fans support the new Georgia election law attempting to reestablish some integrity in the electoral process. A lot of baseball fans — perhaps most of them — voted for Trump. At a minimum, this should be enough for a business to conclude, “We’re staying out of politics. It’s bad for business.”

We no longer live in that world. Business and politics are now one. Politics and culture are now one. There’s no distinction. Most of us feel helpless, put upon and disgusted. But this is how it goes.

Are companies like MLB counting on people continuing to support sports now that it’s openly politicized? Do they think there’s too much inertia for people to change? I suppose we’ll know eventually.

Maybe sports team owners are worried about public funding for stadiums. But they’re not afraid of Republicans withdrawing funding; they’re only afraid of Democrats, i.e. Communists. They sense where the power is, and they’re opting for power over customers, and the value of the game itself.

Truly, truly sad.



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