Buttigieg’s “Infrastructure”: It’s Howdy Doody Time

You ALMOST have to feel sorry for the socialists of the old days (except for the fact they were brutal murderers). The poor Russian Communists had very little to work with when taking over from the autocratic Czars. The Cubans and Venezuelans didn’t have much more to work with, although the pre-Communist days seem like paradise when contrasted with the starvation and despair that came under Communism.

Then there are America’s Communists. People like Pete Buttigieg, the Howdy Doody like figure suddenly — with no experience other than as a failed mayor — in charge of trillions of dollars in “infrastructure” spending. America still appears to be a thriving economy. So Buttigieg can spend unlimited amounts on anything he wants, and all he has to do is call it “infrastructure.” People hear “infrastructure” and they think updated roads, airports, broadband and highways. If anyone took the time to read the bill, they would find mostly different things, like subsidies to unmarketable green energy companies, payoffs to Joe Biden’s buddies in Communist China, and endless welfare programs for people the government plans to keep unemployed for as long as possible.

Buttigieg loves to point out that America hasn’t updated its “infrastructure” since the 1950s. Let’s take his word for that. If the government has been that remiss, then why should we trust the government to get it right now? Since the 1950s, we have had at least as many Democratic, big spending administrations as relatively fiscally conservative ones. Other than a brief period of semi-fiscal restraint by Congress in the 1990s, Congress has never stopped with the big spending since the 1950s. The LBJ and Obama years saw some of the biggest spending ever. So if the government couldn’t launch such an “infrastructure” program over the past 75 years, then why should we expect it to do so now?

Buttigieg promises the deficit will go away thanks to the “infrastructure” spending paying for itself within 10 years. Promises, promises. Communists used to have 5 year plans. Now they have 10 and 15 year plans. They know that nobody’s listening.

I don’t relish seeing the widespread devastation that occurs when the socialists run out of other people’s money. I shudder to think of the despair and crisis that hyperinflation might create, to name one very real risk. But if nothing else, we can at least see the look on Pete Buttigieg’s face when it all happens. Of course, he probably won’t worry about a thing. He’s part of the elite team now.



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