Who Appoints the “Cancelers” of Cancel Culture?

We talk a lot about “cancel culture”. But WHO does the actual cancellations? Is it some modern-day fascist Communist monk, squirreled away in some remote part of the California wilderness? Or in a Silicon Valley office? Is it one person, or a committee? What criteria cause Dr. Seuss to get cancelled, and not something else? And why now? Who decides? What gives these “cancelers” intellectual and moral stature over and above all of us? Who are these cancelling men/women/gender-neutral gods behind the curtain?

We know one thing with absolute certainty: They’re counting on fear and intimidation. That’s all they have. They’re hoping our fear of being disapproved of by others, who also have no idea why Dr. Seuss and their favorite pancake syrup are now abhorrent abominations of immorality, will override our reason, our integrity, our simple common sense and our desire to live in freedom. All these horrible cancellation creatures have for power is our own weakness. The moment we get — and STAY– really strong inside is the moment they perish from their own obvious depravity and insanity. Never forget that. The root of this civil war is not political; it’s psychological, and ethical. They only acquire power outside if we remain weak INSIDE.



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