Will Biden Regime Permit a Renewal of Freedom in Florida, Texas, Mississippi?

Texas and other states repealing lockdowns and face diaper mandates … it’s a big deal. Governments almost never repeal controls. That’s a uniquely American thing. The question is: Will fascist governors — Republicans in Maryland/Ohio, and Democrats in NY, California, PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico and elsewhere — follow suit? Not a chance. They will find excuses not to do so. And their federal occupation leader in D.C. will support them.

In fact, it remains to be seen if the dictatorial occupation in D.C. will exert its power to reimpose controls in Texas, Florida and elsewhere. It’s not impossible. They have already claimed the right to do whatever the hell they want, unchecked by a Constitution or anything else, when they declare it a “public health emergency”. Remember, members of the party in charge of Congress, the White House and Supreme Court already are making noises about declaring “racism” or “climate change” public health crises. If you think the COVID lockdowns were subjective and intrusive, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



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