Leftism Is a Form of Psychological Disorder … Here’s Why

Leftism is a form of psychological disorder. To be a leftist, you must evade facts — even obvious ones. That’s unhealthy. The evasion is a form of self-deception. That’s bad for your self-esteem. The lack of contact with objective reality leads to delusion. Delusion can lead to thought disorder. The resulting warped sense of reality leads to leaning on like-minded, fellow delusional comrades for validation and reinforcement. In turn, this leads to a pervasive sense of anxiety, fueled by an unacknowledged sense that something is wrong. It also leads to isolation from others with opposing views — the exact opposite of being “liberal minded” and “inclusive”. The isolation from dissenters eventually leads to hostility and an inability to see one’s opponents as human. As a result, you have no problem condemning them, ostracizing them, advocating government force to censor them and restricting their income. The end of the road? Concentration camps, gulags, or whatever the 21st Century version of those horrors will be.

What starts out as a self-congratulatory bid to be “progressive” and enlightened morphs into psychological malevolence and, in the final stages, downright evil. It has happened in prior civilizations, and now it’s happening in what was once the freedom-loving, mostly rational and tolerant American republic. And the poor, mentally disturbed leftist twits think they’re unique and unprecedented. What a joke on them. Leftists are as unenlightened as the Dark Ages and as tyrannical as their predecessors in the Marxist and National Socialist movements. They ARE 100 percent of the malevolence and insanity they project onto their fellow man. We have seen their kind many, many times before.



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