With Elections and Free Speech Gone, There Are No Issues of the Day

Impeachment: The Sequel. Of a non-sitting President, no less. What can you say about it? Of course it’s savage, irrational and unjustified. But so is our occupying government. That government is irredeemable and corrupt, and is merely acting the way all irredeemably corrupt entities act. We are in a post-political world. Elections are no longer relevant, as the outcome is rigged. Most political discussions occur in social media, and the leftist social media/cable/ISP companies, who control virtually all Internet connectivity, will not permit political dissension. We are living under a de facto dictatorship. Stop pretending otherwise. Political debate is irrelevant without election integrity or free expression to debate the issues of the day.

There ARE NO issues of the day, because free expression is mostly gone or going underground. The point isn’t to depress anyone. The point is to accept the harsh reality. Because without the willingness to name the truth, we can’t figure a way out of this mess. For now, illuminate your underground with the best books, art and ideas you can find. The best ones will be illegal eventually, because the malignant cancel culture freaks are coming for all that’s beautiful, valuable, rational and true. So create a storehouse of good intellectual and psychological material, to fortify your soul as well as your body.



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