If You Were at the January 6 U.S. Capitol Rally … Beware

Richard Ruggiero, writing on Facebook:

“In 425 BC the Spartans requested the Helots, who were an enslaved people, to provide the 2,000 best of their youth for military training. determined by intelligence and athletic contests. This was a diabolical trap. The Spartans believed these capable youth would be the most likely to rebel and when they showed up at Sparta to receive what they thought was going to be further training and rewards they were massacred, all 2,000.

Everyone who showed up from across the country to support Trump at his rally on Jan 6th, over a million people, are in a database due to their smart phone signals. It’s simple to get names addresses and phone numbers using the geo-location data from everyone there who had a phone. The people who attended that day are the most likely to rebel against the current regime. I was one of these million people.
As we descend further into this totalitarian abyss it’s likely when and if people are rounded up into concentration camps that they’ll select people from this list or from some other list so that these people can be neutralized, re-educated or exterminated in the same way and for the same reasons why the Spartans massacred the Helots.”



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