The Real Racial Supremacists Are on the Left

Notice what leftists are doing: They have equated “white supremacy” with individual rights, the Bill of Rights and economic freedom, including the right to private property and free speech. In other words, unless you support total ownership of life and property by the omnipotent state (and its henchpersons in media), they say you are a white supremacist. Their intent, so far hugely successful, is to intimidate people who are not REMOTELY racist, but who support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, into defensiveness, helplessness and silence. Leftists who support Communism and fascism are smug and arrogant as they escalate their attempts to literally enslave (“transform”) a previously free people into submission.

What they refuse to acknowledge: By equating nonwhite races with totalitarianism and the white race with freedom, they imply that nonwhite races are not up to the job of freedom. Unless you are white, they imply with vicious falsehood, you cannot survive under economic freedom. The ACTUAL white supremacists would agree with them on this. The ACTUAL non-racists voted for President Trump twice, and support the cause of equal freedom for all races. The sick joke is on the tyrants who brand ALL dissension against socialism or fascism as “white supremacy”, since they have argued on the very same premise as the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Party of Hitler. We live in morally and intellectually inverted times. All I know is such insanity will not sustain itself.



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