The Hollow Republicans Are Giving Away America to the Communist Democrats

Great point I heard today: We went from a President with ZERO political experience to an apparent President with ONLY political experience — ZERO private sector experience. If this isn’t the dead end of a corrupt, irredeemable government, then nothing is.

As for Mitch McConnell warning fellow Republicans in the Senate to ignore election fraud and not to DARE think of contesting the final electoral tally when Congress meets to verify it in January, an Ayn Rand quote (as usual) comes to mind: “The moral treason of the “conservative” leaders lies in the fact that they are hiding behind that camouflage: they do not have the courage to admit that the American way of life was capitalism, that that was the politico-economic system born and established in the United States, the system which, in one brief century, achieved a level of freedom, of progress, of prosperity, of human happiness, unmatched in all the other systems and centuries combined—and that that is the system which they are now allowing to perish by silent default.

If the “conservatives” do not stand for capitalism, they stand for and are nothing; they have no goal, no direction, no political principles, no social ideals, no intellectual values, no leadership to offer anyone.”

Obviously, the Republicans care nothing for capitalism, individual rights or the Constitution itself. They just want to hold onto power. In their twisted minds, they can hopefully hold the Senate and then — in a universe where elections are still honest, not the real world any longer — they can retake the White House in 2024 with someone like … Mitt Romney. And get the exact same policies as the socialist Democrats.

Rand always predicted the Republicans would be the ones to do in America. How right she was.



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