Concede? No Concession to Tyranny

Concede? Why should President Trump concede? He–and everyone who voted for him–was betrayed. Even by the Supreme Court, the last firewall for our individual rights. To concede is to say, “OK. Fraud doesn’t matter. We will accept one-party government. We will accept the far left agenda of gun confiscation, suppression of free speech, huge tax increases, socialized everything, and totalitarian control over every detail of our daily lives.” WHY IN THE HELL WOULD TRUMP OR HIS SUPPORTERS EVER CONCEDE? We are going to fight, or go down trying. We don’t plan to live under tyranny.

In Biden’s “address to the nation” last night, I read that the senile figurehead coughed and sputtered through a speech in which he blasted Trump and his supporters for refusing to concede. So much for unity and healing. No worries. I know of 74 million-plus people already reimagining a new Constitutional republic.



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