Be Honest: 1984 is Here

Leftism is about gloom and doom. It’s not about fun. Placing community (translation: government) over self … kills freedom. So how can there be joy, with no freedom? Socialism kills individualism. So how can there ever be spirit, and soul, without a unique individual; an unrepeatable person? Hordes and groups of mindless mobs are not spirit. That’s just blind, pointless, destructive energy. Rage is not spirit.

Think of leftist policies, gone unchecked: No more fossil fuels. This means death and starvation for millions, and maybe billions. It means no more airplanes (except for the elites). No automobiles, for the most part. Forget about ac — and probably heat, too (except for the elites). Leftism is about “winters of darkness”. Joe Biden speaks of that approvingly. Forget Las Vegas. Manhattan — let’s face it — is already gone. Forget the joy of jumping on a plane and going to south Florida, or a tropical resort. Environmentalism and COVID fascism have seen to that. Did you notice how we got the “Green New Deal” after all — even without an election or vote? Get used to things without elections or votes; because as long as the good guys remain wimpy and afraid, we’re going to get a lot more of them.

Do you think it’s only temporary? Do you think they won’t have another excuse, once COVID plays itself out? Many on the left are already starting to call for officially declaring “racism” (by that they mean love of liberty and joy) a “public health emergency.” This is NOT going to stop. It could stop, if the GOOD people rose up and refused to tolerate it — first through civil disobedience, then by whatever means necessary. No such rebellion seems forthcoming. People just keep taking it.

Orwell wrote in “1984” that fun, pleasure and joy had gone out of life. Essentially, these attributes were outlawed. Control is grim. Surviving a 99 percent survivable virus hardly seems worth it, if in exchange for that survival you must start to live in a dystopian novel. If Orwell’s themes DO NOT seem familiar to you in daily life today, then you’re under intellectual and psychological sedation. I cannot help you. Only THINKING and SELF-ASSERTION can save you, or save me.

The good people — I know lots of them — are all afraid. It’s not good when the good people become afraid. At some point, the good people will have to ask themselves: What do I have to lose? It’s no longer 2018 or 2019. It’s 1984.



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