Has Civil War II Already Started?

Objectively and honestly, I believe the United States is already in a second civil war.

What does a twenty-first century version of a civil war look like? Look around you. It’s mostly technological and financial. Follow the money. And follow who has control over the information. Who has control over the companies who “count” the votes? We know who does, at least in the states that mattered the most in our Electoral College. Look how well THAT’s turning out.

In today’s civil war, Governors and mayors selectively enforce law and order. If you’re a Marxist revolutionary who decides to harass people for racial and ideological reasons, you’re not arrested. If you’re an Antifa loser who throws food or weapons at people wearing MAGA hats, you are excused. You’re even encouraged. THAT’S civil war.

If you’re a conservative independent who wants to be left alone, and demands that government enforces law and order, you’re fined or jailed for failing to wear a mask; or for letting customers into your business during a permanent, ill-defined “pandemic”. You’re forced to pay taxes for schools that possibly may never open again. You’re forced to obey a curfew, unless you’re engaged in social activity approved of by the state. THAT’S civil war.

Sure, there are resisters. And over time, especially if Joe Biden and his criminal cronies take back total control of the government, you will probably see a lot more resistance — and violence. How could you not? One side openly threatens to seize weapons from law abiding people; the other side hasn’t fought back, but the threats of the Biden gun confiscators have not been put to the test — yet. What do you think will happen when those threats are acted upon? I don’t care what you think SHOULD or SHOULD NOT happen. What do you think WILL happen?

The civil war has already started. It’s going to get worse, but we already know what it looks like.

It’s not 1861. There’s no “blue” side and “gray” side. There’s no North vs. South. It’s urban leftists versus rural individualists. Suburbanites are, I suspect, split.

Right now, the ubranites/leftists are winning. They control virtually all of education, media, entertainment, the corporate and financial worlds and (when you count the Deep State entrenched bureaucrats), they control the government. They’re only winning because (1) the individualists and ruralists still have President Donald Trump to fight for them; and (2) the individualists and ruralists have not yet fought back. Not like the leftists fight. They have little or no means to do so, culturally. The leftists won dominance of the culture years ago. It solidified during Obama. All that conservatives have left are freedom of religion (with most churches still shut down); nominal freedom of speech (with social media literally acting like government censors); and, still by and large, the actual right to own a gun.

Right now, it looks like the shadow of a real, totalitarian dictatorship descending over America. Perhaps that’s where it will end. Maybe everyone, including the millions of Trump voters out there, will simply roll over, forever. But it’s too swift, too easy and too quick. Let’s say Biden gets in power. Leftists seem confident all will be well when that happens, as they assume it will. But how can they be so confident? And let’s say President Trump pulls off a historic feat, and gets the Supreme Court to throw the election to Congress where, we’re told, he will have the advantage state-by-state. Exactly what kind of response do you expect from the leftists in that scenario?

There’s no way this can end well. It has already started. I see no peaceful, rational resolution to any of this. I’m not being negative. I’m simply being objective. The psychological state of America makes a warring married couple headed for a contentious divorce (something I’ve seen a lot of, as a therapist) seem like nothing. The objective reality presented by left-wing and right-wing media is polarzied beyond the possibility of recognition or repair. When it comes to news, Americans are TOTALLY split. They get two utterly different versions of reality.

The only way I can see of avoiding an escalation in this civil war? An amiable split. A rational divorce. But that doesn’t look too likely, either. Does anyone have a proposal for a rational divorce? Can the individualistic Constitution lovers — those vast red areas you see on the electoral map — split off from all those concentrated blue areas? Perhaps. But nobody is talking about a peaceful split. Trump supporters are talking about keeping the President around for another four years. I am all for that, of course. But the battles he faces in the coming four years will make the last four seem like absolutely nothing. Because, like I said: The civil war has already started.

Please prove me wrong. I WANT to be wrong. But objectively, how can you claim otherwise?



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