COVID-1984: It’s Getting Worse By the Hour

The Governor of Pennsylvania has commanded that citizens wear masks in the house, at all times. HOW will this be enforced? If you live in PA, or if this comes to your state, how will you respond if your Karen neighbor spies on you and reports you?

Joe Biden’s “medical advisors” have talked about such mandates nationally.

This is literally where we are.

Someone who didn’t wear a mask gets sick. “You see? People who don’t wear masks get sick.”

Someone who always wore a mask gets sick. “You see? If everyone wore masks, nobody would get sick. It’s the non-mask wearers’ fault.”
But if masks work, then nobody who wears them would get sick. If you require another to wear a mask so YOU don’t sick, then what good is your own mask?

It’s so obvious! People are either too STUPID to see it; or too frightened to say it. Either way, no civilization can survive like this. If mass numbers of people are actually this stupid, we can’t survive; and if mass numbers of people are too fearful to state the obvious, they don’t deserve to survive.



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