America: Now Run By Savages in Suits

Much of the country is locking down again.

I told you: COVID fascism continues after the election. Tyrants will NEVER let go of power. They will only expand it. So long as the sheep majority keeps letting them.

In my state, Delaware — totally run by far-left Democrats — we have new rules that include wearing a mask while in a restaurant, at virtually all times, putting it back on in between bites, or whenever a server or staff member approaches you. That’s how sick this is. To make matters worse, Delaware’s Governor Carney — people call him Governor Carnage — wants the restaurants to enforce the rule. He wants them to make out like it’s THEIR requirement, and he has told restaurant owners of this in “secret” meetings.

Did you ever read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? It’s all in there. Not the masks and the exaggerated pandemic. No Ayn Rand or George Orwell could have dreamed up THESE specifics. But the basic idea of government telling people they want “voluntary” compliance — that’s part of any dictatorship, in its early stages. There’s nothing voluntary about tyranny. Imagine if a kidnapper showed up at your house with a gun, held the gun to your head and told you, “I want you to obey my orders voluntarily. I want you to make it look like I’m not even here, and cheerfully tell people you WANT to be doing these things.” That’s Governor Carnage. Or Governor Newsom, or Governor Cuomo, or Governor wherever-you-live. Increasingly, it’s bipartisan.

I heard Alex Marlow on Breitbart say this morning that you must understand: tyrants are hard-wired. I agree, in that it’s in their psychological programming. They are like sociopaths. They feel entitled to rule. The more people refuse to question them, the harder their wiring becomes. And the longer we put off resistance, the harsher their response when they’re finally challenged. Human history has seen it all before. Soviet Russia. Communist Cuba. Maoist China. Nazi Germany. Fascist Italy. It has all happened before. It still happens every day in China, Hong Kong, Russia, Venezuela and (we can expect) a growing number of countries; because as America abandons liberty and rationality, so will the entire world. The specifics change, but the themes are always the same: Irrational, tyrannical control at the expense of the individual’s sovereign rights.

Oh, they’re coming for you. Actually, they’re already here. And so long as you refuse to resist, even in small ways, they’re going to take more and more and more. How to resist? Massive civil disobedience, to start. People are still too afraid. By the time they’re no longer afraid, I fear it will be too late.



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