The Metaphysical Insignificance of a Gavin Newsom Apology

California Governor Gavin Newsom apologized for attending a dinner at an elite restaurant in the middle of what he has proclaimed a COVID-19 crisis.

Sorry, he says? Sorry!?

Is he sorry for ruining his state’s economy? For lessening the middle class — the sign of any healthy, capitalist economy — and replacing it with hordes of poor dependent on government handouts and elites too wealthy to worry so long as they remain leftist and connected, like himself?

Is he sorry for imposing lockdowns, harassing and jailing people who try to struggle to survive during an already challenging time? Is he sorry for raising taxes so high, and imposing regulations so onerous, that people flee his state in droves — only to move to thriving states they will soon ruin (Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Coloardo) with the same policies that brought California down?

Is he sorry for making California a one-party state — not through earning it, but through election fraud maneuvers that are now the model for the entire country?

Is he sorry for bringing California, once a glorious, beautiful and prosperous society, one step closer to martial law by imposing an open-ended, perhaps even permanent curfew … as if California were a banana republic run by insecure dictators?

Is he sorry for making the Bill of Rights — free speech, gun ownership, freedom of assembly — an unconstitutional irrelevancy in his state?

Is he sorry for being a world class ASS? And a sociopath that residents of California seem helpless to stop?

Sadly, America is about to go the way of California. Unless we launch a revolution unlike anything seen since 1776.



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