Leave Us the Hell Alone!

The original American idea, that inspired the Constitution and Bill of Rights, was: “Leave me alone. I will take care of myself. Protect me from thieves, looters and killers. Beyond that, just leave me alone.” Today, that’s not the attitude of the population; it’s the attitude of the GOVERNMENT. It comes right out of Joe Biden’s mouth all the time. Will he stack the Supreme Court with a permanent left-wing majority? “I don’t know. It’s none of your business.” In essence, that’s his attitude and it’s pretty much word for word what he says. Dr. Fauci just said Americans must “do what they’re told”. He actually said that. Like we’re children. Have we created the impression that we’re children? Have we selected for tyrants who tell us what to do? Those of us who vote Democrat: Absolutely. We’re basically telling other people to rule us. The Joe Bidens of the world are the LEAST morally or intellectually qualified to do so. Yet here we are. With one caveat: “By the way, I gave you money and votes; so if I don’t feel like following one of your rules, you’ll grant me an exception.” If you’re connected, you don’t follow the rules. But otherwise: You’re a slave. You’re a slave to the people who want to BE LEFT ALONE so they can rule and control you as THEY see fit.

It’s sick. It’s evil. It’s not the American way. It’s not our Bill of Rights. WE the people should NOT be leaving Joe Biden and Kamala Harris or any other government ruler alone. THEY SHOULD BE LEAVING US ALONE. Go to hell, tyrants. And go to hell, those who actually voted for you.



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