Evil is Impotent; But It’s Also Destructive

Evil cannot win. Evil, by definition, is wrong. It’s irrational. It’s at war with the facts and reality. If it weren’t at war with facts and reality, it wouldn’t be evil.

Consider Hitler. He was evil. He was also wrong. He claimed that people’s genetic, racial or ethnic heritage made them inferior or superior. Objectively, that’s untrue. It’s wrong to claim it is. It’s viciously evil to round people up and sadistically murder them because of their race or ethnicity.

Communists like Stalin were (and are) evil. Hitler was not a Communist, but he was a socialist (the same thing). Communism claims that wealth is a given. Communism claims that even if you did produce or create it, it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to everyone. That’s viciously untrue, and wrong.

Evil is wrong. So it can never win. But it can destroy. Hitler brutally murdered millions. Commuism, under Stalin and Mao, killed many more millions. Evil can do a hell of a lot of destruction — but only if we let it.

That’s where America is. I guarantee you: The Democrats in power are capable of anything. They will do anything to attain their ends, and consolidate their power. They are doing it right before our eyes. I believe they will destroy at least as many millions as Hitler and Stalin combined, if given a chance; if nobody fights back. They will find clever, even ingenious ways to do it, twenty-first century style. They will use technology to control millions, as they’re already doing with social media and the election fraud. They will find ways to blame their opponents. They will exploit the ignorance and gullibility of millions who voted for Biden; they will appeal to the worst — the envious, the fearful — within them; and, when all else fails, they will lie, cheat and even get away with it. Not because they’re right. But because too many are afraid to challenge it.

All of my life, I have heard people ask, “How could Nazi Germany happen? Was it economics? Was it politics? Was it the culture?” It was all of those things. But even more so, it was cowardice. When people are afraid to name the obvious — to say, to themselves, their close associates and (if necessary and possible), to the entire world, “This isn’t right, this doesn’t make sense” … when people are afraid to do that, evil flourishes. That’s what’s happening right now in America. Even with Fox News. Who would have dreamed of even Tucker Carlson, spouting the party line, even a couple of weeks ago?

President Trump taught Republicans how to fight. He is the polar, opposite extreme of the lying and denying media and culture we now inhabit. That culture aims to teach him a lesson. If President Trump goes down, then we all do. Even the gullible among us, as the disasters pile up and we become some version of a Venezuela, with people like AOC controlling the courts, and government agents everywhere, the gullible will scream, “What happened to America? Trump did it! Racism did it!” They will have even less of a clue than they do now.

Evil will never win. It will always be wrong. It will always, by definition, be irrational. Socialism, Communism, fascism, leftism, “progressivism” — they are all the same thing. They all stand for destruction, and can only lead to destruction. They all stand for obliteration of the individual, and therefore of the individual’s right to be sovereign over his or her own life. When that goes, everything worthwhile about human life goes with it. Evil can never win. But it can destroy. It’s our job not to let it.



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